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CAREER  20        

Fire Chief              
Over whole department. 

Assistant Chief      
Over Fire and Rescue Operations. 

1 Battalion Chief 
Incident Commander daily shift,  fire and rescue operations. Stationed at 2 station. 

3 Captains share the daily responsibility of both stations also over training operations, fire ground and rescue situations. They both work out of station 2. 

3 Lieutenants are responsible for assisting the Battalion Chief and Captains on daily operations.  
All three Lieutenants work at Station 1. 

6 Driver Engineers maintain all apparatus and station duties. There is one Driver Engineer at each station that work 24 on and 48 off. 

3 Nozzle Man responsible for maintaining the station and work out of station 2. 24 on and 48 off. 

1 Fire Inspector/Investigator 
Maintain fire safety prevention, fire inspection, fire investigation

15 Volunteer Firefighters  
2 Support Rehab Staff