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9283 Highway 112  August.18.2007 BURGERKING  BOXALARM  

2:00pm fire alarm came in for fire in kitchen. Truck.98 upon arrival found fire coming out the front door and roof.

Under the command of Chief.Miles and Lt.Dermarl pulled a crosslay and made interoior attack. Engine.92 cought a

hydrant for water supply.  11 Firefighters with Truck90 Engine92 Rescue93 Truck98 Chief210 Chief211 Command99




928 E 12th Street  April.12.2004  BOXALARM

Tones went out for Arlen fire dept for possible structure fire off 12th. Upon arrival Truck.90 with Capt.Milton found a little bit smoke in the attic.   Truck90 found no fire and remained on scene. 


438 Rainy Street   May.22.2001 BOXALARM

Alarms tone out for a Structure Fire on Rainy Street. Upon arrival Chief.Wilson found heavy fire showing from the roof.

Engine.91 Pulled cross-lay with Lt.Beaf, FF.Jackson made a good head way on the fire. Chief.Wilson did an Investigation and found electric sort was cause.  9 Firefighers with Engine91 Rescue93 Truck90, Chief.211 Command99.



 Arlen Methodist Church Fire   April.20.1999 BOXALARM
Box Alarm was tone out around 9:30am. Upon arrival Engine91 with Lt.Beaf found fully involved structure.

The chruch was a total lost. 14 Firefighters with Chief.210 Chief.211 Command.99 Engine.91 Truck90 Engine96


While Fire fighters were hitting hot spots the Chief fire investigator found out what caused the fire, Arson was the blame




This picture was taken by a member of the church before the Fire Dept arrived, Arlen Fire fighters tried saving the structure.  








Mega-Lo-Mart Explosion   October 4th 1998


About mid day Oct 4th the Alarms & Pagers for Arlen Fire Dept, Heimlich County Fire Dept paged out for a Explosion at Mega lo mart, With only 1 person lost the Explosion. and 4 minor injuries.